The Benefits Of Double Glazing

double glazingThe question remains: why replace a single glazed window with double glazing when single glazing meets all your window needs?  Well, the answer is that single glazing only meets needs on the surface and double glazing can be far more effective in a modern-day sense.  Many individuals will opt for double glazed windows as a means of saving energy or to conform to modern energy standards.  Additional factors to consider when seeking out double glazed windows include safety, energy conservation, frame design, style, glass, installation and overall cost.  This article will provide a brief insight into the advantages of double glazing and why it may be a smart move away from the single glazing era.

1. Safety

The single pane window is typically comprised of a single sheet of regular glass which, when broken, will shatter into long, sharp shards.  This can be extremely dangerous for anyone living in the home or traveling past the window; therefore, the invention of double glazing was made to increase safety for individuals who could be present during a breakage.  When facing double glazed windows you will be facing a double sheet of glass made from a plethora of different types of glass, dependent on your preference.  The increased thickness reduces the chance of both sheets shattering and lessens the incidence of damage to an individual or property.

2. Security

By security we are referring to the protection of the property against burglars and intruders.  A single glazed window would be simple for an intruder to break and enter; however, double panes of glass increase the thickness of the window and reduce ability to enter.  Of course, the security of the property has more to do with locking systems than the glass itself; however, it is recommended that you pay attention to the windows to ensure they can be carefully locked inside their frames.

3. Energy Conservation

roof-windows-861x530Statistics have shown that approximately 25% of all heat in the property can be lost through the windows.  By using double glazing, the property will have an increased amount of insulation reducing the loss of heat from the property.  This will reduce heating bills, keep the home warmer, and assist in conservation of natural resources, especially in rooms where the windows are larger and more prominent.  Think about it: sitting by a large double glazed window is far more comfortable on a cool night than by a large single glazed option.

4. The Types Of Glass

As is mentioned, the type of glass used is dependent on your personal preference but all will be coated with an advantageous double glazing.  Three of the most popular types of glass currently available include tempered glass, safety glass, and low-e glass.  The low-e glass, as well as Pilkington K glass, are among the most “green” and energy efficient featuring energy coatings; thus, increasing the insulation levels to the home.  It may be slightly more costly than the other glass types, but the overall saving will be worth the initial expense.

5. Design And Style

In addition to the different types of glass, double glazing can be featured in various styles and designs.  The majority of users will attempt to match the style of the new double glazed glass with their existing window, if possible, particularly when completing restoration work.  This is highly possible when using the correct, experienced contractor who will install the ideal double glazed windows for your structure.

6. The Frames

There are three main frames available for double glazed windows: the uPVC frame, the aluminium frame, and the wooden frame, and each has both pros and cons.  Typically, the uPVC option is the most suitable for energy conservation, whereas aluminium frames are the most durable with wooden frames being the most attractive.  The choice of frame is dependent on the individual’s needs and desires.

7. Installation

condensationInstallation of the double glazed window requires care and precision; therefore, it is essential that you seek out a skilled contractor and glass supplier.  Negligent work may be less costly, but it can also remove all the benefits of replacing windows with double glazing options.  Be sure to review the contractor’s company background with references to ensure they have the correct experience for the project.